What is the latest 2021 news re COVID and the DJ entertainment industry?

COVID:19 / Coronavirus has had an incredible impact on the DJ / entertainment industry since March 2020, effectively grinding everything to a standstill.

Our latest Q&As are below:

How have DJs survived the pandemic?

The majority of DJs have suffered immensely, being forced into other non-entertainment work or trying to squeeze a few pennies out of live-streaming. All of the Storm DJs roster are on the edge of their decks, waiting for everyone to be vaccinated.

Don’t DJs go on furlough?

No. The only DJs who would have been able to take advantage of furlough would have been a minority of salaried DJs (hotel/bar residents) where they were not classed as contractors.

Have all bookings been postponed to 2021 now?

97% of all our DJ bookings have been postponed to next year, with the rest either being pushed to end of 2020 or postponed further than next year.

How many people can be part of a ‘social gathering’ at the moment (February 2021)?


Why aren’t DJs currently being booked?

There are a handful of bookings being taken. But because of the limits imposed on the number of people in one place, together with the social distancing regulations, and tighter spending it is proving difficult for most to justify the cost.

Are Storm providing DJs to virtual events?

Yes we have been providing DJs to virtual events since April 2020.

Do Storm DJs abide by all current COVID-restricted workplace regulations?

Yes, all DJs that get sent out to events abide by all the latest rules and regulations.

When will full-scale DJ events come back?

As soon as possible. The government’s management of the pandemic together with the lack of vaccine has meant it’s taking a lot longer than it could have.

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