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An Interview with DJ Lazy Hammock

The laid-back chillout DJ Lazy Hammock is next up in our DJ interviews, where we aim to find out some interesting facts and stories from our roster.

Storm DJs - Lazy Hammock
DJ Name
Lazy Hammock

Chillout / Electronica / Soulful House / Funky Party

Current Favourite DJ Performance Equipment
I’m not really mad on the whole technical side of things. I just love music and if there is equipment that can deliver the music to people without compromising the sound, that is the most important. In saying that though, I do love playing on top of the range Pioneer Decks.

What got you into DJing?
I got into DJing because I was a Music Producer/Artist, and knew that if I was serious about my music production I would need to be able to DJ as well, especially as some promoters would rather book you to DJ than to sing, depending on the venue/night.

Is there a story behind your DJ name?
I was sitting on my bed one day after a long meditation session and the name popped into my head. I didn’t know what the name meant or what it was for, whether for my artist name or album name or something else. In the end I decided I would use it as my new artist name as I decided to focus more on producing Chillout/Electronica music at that time, and thought the name did what it said on the tin. At the time I didn’t DJ, but after writing my first album as Lazy Hammock I decided that if I wanted to become a recognised producer I would also need to DJ. I then went on to write and produce 5 albums (so far) and DJ all around the world.

Which big name DJs’ style do you most reflect?
Probably someone like Jose Padilla (Cafe Del Mar), but I do have my own twist and can definitely bring up the tempo if need be.

Do you remember your first ever gig?
Yes, it was in a bar in Brick Lane in Shoreditch. I had talked them into giving me a gig and then after the first one, they let me set up a weekly Sunday afternoon session which I named ‘Lazy Sunday’s.’

Tell us about your all-time favourite artists.
Sade is my favourite artist. I love her music, her vocal tone. The difference she made to music when she appeared on the music scene back in the 80’s. She completely inspired me in every day. She and her band wrote the type of music that I wanted to hear, even though I didn’t know that until I heard it. It’s funny because a lot of people say that my singing voice sounds very like hers. I take that as a big compliment! I love so many other artists, but the list would go on for years. A current band though would be SubMotion Orchestra… They are a collective that play loads on the festival scene. I’ve seen them 3 times. I suppose I describe their music as Post Dub Step/Electronica. Their music takes you to another level in every way. Check them out if you haven’t already!

What has been your most ridiculous DJ request to date?
Danny Boy, the singalong Irish song. Nothing wrong with the song in the right context, but it just wouldn’t have fitted with the set in any way…haha

How do you think DJ technology will change into the future?
I think it will become simpler to use, but more complex in what it can do.

What was your worst gig and why?
It was at a bar/pub near Hemel Hempstead for NY Eve one year. From the moment I walked in everyone was giving me dirty looks, I’m not sure if it was because I was a woman or something else, but the atmosphere and energy in the place was not good. I knew they wanted loads of chart stuff (which I don’t usually play), so I’d spent loads of money on music that I would probably never play again. Twice I was asked for tunes I didn’t have and the people who requested them got really abusive and threatening and started swearing at me and one of them looked like she wanted to hit me just because I couldn’t play her tune. It was a really horrible and frightening experience and I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. In the morning when I went out to my car, I saw a big scratch all along one side of it… I vowed never to do a gig again playing music that wasn’t close to my heart for narrow minded people!

What was your best ever gig and why?
My best ever gig was my first Ibiza gig where I was booked to play on a boat. It was blissful. The sun was beating down whilst I was playing everything from Chillout to Beach House, we had the most beautiful fresh food barbecued in front of us and could help ourselves to as much food and drink as we wanted. When we got to the island of Formentera, people jumped off the boat into the clear blue sea with the music still playing whilst they swam. On the way back to Ibiza, I remembered having a tear in my eye and thinking ‘Wow, this is my job, how fortunate am I?!’ That gig will forever be one of my favourite memories.

Do you think we will see DJ robots soon?
I hope not, although you could say that a lot of the modern equipment is veering on being robotical (Is that a word??), being that it is so simple to use and control.

Do any ‘star’ DJs get on your nerves?
I don’t really focus on Star DJs as I’m too busy getting on with my own career. One thing I don’t respect though are DJs who use ghost writers for their productions!

What one useful tip would you give to the layman looking to book a DJ for their event?
Book the DJ and the music that connects with you, don’t just book who you think other people will want to hear, as everyone has their own individual music taste, and at least that way you will enjoy what is being played on the night.


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