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An Interview with DJ Rick

The rhythmic DJ Rick  is next up in our DJ Interviews, where we aim to find out some interesting facts and stories from our roster.

DJ Rick - Profile 4 - DJ Hire Agency - Storm DJs

DJ Name


Current Favourite DJ Performance Equipment
Vestax VCI-400 with SERATO

What got you into DJing?
Fell in love with the vibrant night life of Ocho Rios Jamaica. Experiencing international dj from around the world that comes on the island every week to the major festivals, I was hooked when i went my first dj competition and the rest was history.

Which big name DJs’ style do you most reflect?
I am the biggest fan of DJ EZ as I often get to practice with him and see the long hours he stays up to get his skills as sharp as they are now.

Do you remember your first ever gig?
My first gig was doing my year 10 class party, as it is traditional to have end of year parties in school in my home country.

Tell us about your all-time favourite artists.
My all time favourite artiste is Chris Brown and my reason for this is that he has shown that if you work hard enough you can regain your reputation even after his situation with Rihanna and the media.

What has been your most ridiculous DJ request to date?
While at a gig in Germany I was ask to play sponge bob square pants theme song.

How do you think DJ technology will change into the future?
As much as I love using vinyl, they had their time and place in history. The new technology allows a dj to adopt easier to a changing audience. No two gigs are the same and with technology it helps you to be more prepared with issues as they arise. e.g. random song request.

What was your worst gig and why?
My worst gig was playing for a very odd group in a hotel in central London. They informed me that I was not allowed to be in the room while they danced: I would select a song and walk out as it started and walk back in when it finished.

What was your best ever gig and why?
My best ever gig was at the O2 arena as the non feature DJ. My job was just to play music in the filter room when everyone needed a break from the main stage. Eventually my room got so full the camera men from the main room came to record my room because most of the patrons stay there all night. I watch the highlights for the event a couple days after, even though I was not mentioned I felt very good inside to see my room videos that was used.

Do you think we will see DJ robots soon?
This is never gonna be possible. A DJ job is not just playing music, we have to read the room to know when to change or continue the vibe which a robot can never replicate.

Do any ‘star’ DJs get on your nerves?
I respect each DJ’s own personality

What one useful tip would you give to the layman looking to book a DJ for their event?
Don’t just book a DJ with a huge catalogue book one who you think can adjust to your event to cater to your guest. quality is much better than quantity

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