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Storm DJs is the number one DJ agency for UK and international hire. Let our highly sought-after, elite DJs and musicians provide the soundtrack for your bespoke corporate or private event.

We use DJs each with a vast amount of musical experience to create the atmosphere and feeling for any given event.

Whether you are a key sports brand needing a high-energy dramatic soundtrack for a high-profile product launch; a big fashion name needing an elegant, refined, and sexy sound to accompany a store opening; or whether you are holding a private event such as a birthday or wedding, look no further.

If you need a top quality DJ to conduct the night we step forward and create a bespoke solution.

We pride ourselves in our performance excellence and high service levels which make us very much stand out from the crowd, and we happily perform at every type of event: bars, clubs, events, gigs, parties, gatherings and shows.

All of our DJs/artists have multiple years of professional experience from a 1,000s of locations around the world and as such have a wealth of knowledge and musical expertise to successfully entertain at any quality event.

Past Clients

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Instant Price

For an instant quote, click here to go to our Instant Price Page.

The price will show instantly, and change based upon the key variables: event location; performance length; and the equipment which needs to be hired alongside the DJ.

For an advanced quote, click here.

This is a more in-depth calculator. The price will also display instantly, and change based upon your required set-up. Added extras include upgraded sound systems; extra lighting; silent disco headphones, and more.

*Note the calculator pricing is not valid for celebrity, premium, big name, or legendary DJs.

Do you have a restricted budget? Head over to our Budget Page.

If you only have a limited amount of money to spend on your DJ then we can still help. Just let us know what you need and we will automatically allocate one of our DJs.


The DJs

Our agency DJ roster is made up of serious professionals with a wealth of experience from around the world. We can help you with your choice of DJ depending on what you require: the style, the music, the look, the feel, the type of event, and anything else which might be pertinent. In any case, we make sure that what we provide fits and exceeds what you require.

Click to see our specially-selected and highly vetted roster of DJs. Feel free to have a browse of each profile and have a listen to their demo mixes.

View the full DJ list here


The Musicians

Thinking about adding a top quality musician to accompany one of our DJs and make your event stand out?

You can choose from a range of fantastic saxophonists, violinists and percussionists who are all able to flawlessly freestyle alongside our DJs.

Click here to find out more.


We are committed to being able to provide DJ music types to fit your event, party, or gig.

Therefore we cater for both open-format music events, as well as providing DJs specialising in niche genres.

Have a listen to some of the sample mixes here for some inspiration.

Our DJs are also able to put together bespoke sample mixes for you if you have a particular musical recipe in mind.

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