Restaurant DJs

by Storm DJs

Picture the most fascinating restaurant you’ve ever visited.

Imagine the food, the people, and the background music.

Storm DJs provide the highest quality resident restaurant DJs to help create the best soundtracks and atmosphere.

What We Create:

We combine bespoke music usage and genre choice based on your venue’s requirements.

We focus on your needs and our DJs create mixes to work for your crowds.

Your Benefits:

Choose from an unrivalled choice of restaurant DJs to fit your budget.

You only receive quality, fully vetted and experienced DJs to ensure high performance.

You have access to replacement DJs on standby to uphold service continuity.

We use legally-tight contracts, full public liability insurance, COVID / pandemic / lockdown insurance, and PAT testing enforced to protect you.

The Company:

Established in 2011, Storm DJs has become the number one DJ agency for UK and international hire.

We built our reputation around 3 key elements: high service quality, consistency, and focus on customer needs.

Let our highly sought-after, elite DJs and musicians provide the best soundtrack for your restaurant.


The Process:


Let us know about what kind of restaurant DJ you need.

Simply fill in the form below;

or email us [email protected];

or call us on 02080 888 979.


We schedule a call with you to discuss your requirements.


We find the right restaurant DJ for you, and organise how the music will wow your crowd.