Where Can I Hire A DJ Who Is Also A Saxophonist?

Answer: Through Storm DJs.

The search for a DJ who also plays the saxophone is over! We now represent 3 DJ-Saxophonists: these are a rare breed of talented musicians who perform freestyle on the sax, and DJ at the same time.

This might seem like an impossible feat, but it has been proven to work by 3 of our artists: Simo Sax (a regular doing his combo work at Sushi Samba), Phil Meadows (jet-setter Master Sax), and DJAX (the only saxophonist who is also a DJ turntablist).

Your most-asked questions about DJ-Saxophonist artists:

Is it more cost-effective to hire a DJ-Saxophonist rather than a DJ and a Saxophonist?

It can be more cost-effective in certain circumstances: if your event is abroad, or in a distant location, the cost of travel and accommodation for the artist will be halved. However, the cost of the service is currently comparable to hiring the two parts separately: this is because it is a very rare niche service and thus a premium in-demand act.

How does one person do 2 jobs?

With a lot of skill, and back-breaking hard-work. The results are impressive.

Will it make my event stand out?

Definitely, because it is such a unique concept.

How do I book one and will they be available?

Get in touch today for a quote and to find out if a DJ-Saxophonist is the right thing for your event.

DJ who plays Saxophone - Simo Sax - Storm DJs
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