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The Best DJ Mixes of 2015

The Best DJ Mixes 2015

This year’s best DJ mixes from Storm’s DJ roster is below.

DRASL‘s epic Swallows & Amazon’s summertime tech house mix did well reaching 1,600 listens, trying to catch up with the previous year’s Sonar mix.

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Glu Sound‘s summertime Humans in Mykonos mix reached a reasonable 1400 listens.

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Karl S. Berg’s ‘Le Kangarou Boxeur’ fantastic tech house mix reached the 1,000 listen mark.

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Dozzer‘s Summer House ‘promo’ mix also did well. We are unsure how he managed the time to record this given the endless DJ schedule of 2015.

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A few other notables: The elusive Doctor Samband’s somewhat non-EDM EDM mix did well; CeeSix‘s new R&B mix was well received. Unsung heroes were Fabrizia‘s nu-disco mix, and ELITO’s Berlin mix.

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Finally, despite reaching an incredible 100,000 listens to his Fashion House mix, we are still patiently awaiting Billy Gonzalez’s new mix. Watch this space.



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