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Our New Open-Format Multi-Genre DJs

Following unprecedented growth over the past 12 months, we have brought on board a number of stunning new recruits to help satisfy demand for quality, genre-flexible and open-format DJs. We are delighted to (briefly) present the latest hand-picked additions to the Storm “family”, our prestigious DJ roster. All are highly experienced players on the DJ scene both in the UK and internationally and, irrespective of their personal preferences regarding more niche/underground genres, are happy to put together a sparkling mainstream commercial set for your wedding, special celebration, corporate party, product launch, fashion show etc. Links to new DJs’ profiles with sample mixes and photography can be found below.


The most energetic DJ and MC duo you’re likely to ever come across, who have graced many-a-festival stage. Full profile here.

DJ Rumpsteppers - Profile 3 - DJ Hire Agency - Storm DJs

Jet Boot Jack

Master of the mash-up, bootleg, and remix, Jet Boot Jack has universal commercial appeal. Full profile here.

DJ Jet Boot Jack - Profile 2 - DJ Hire Agency - Storm DJs

Owen Cutts

A highly talented producer who has worked with some the UK’s biggest acts.

DJ Owen Cutts - DJ Hire Agency - Storm DJs

Luke Sorensen

A fresh new face to the UK DJ scene, born & bred in Australia where he graced decks continent-wide. Full profile here.

DJ Luke Sorensen - DJ Hire Agency - Storm DJs

Miranda Loy

Having travelled the world to perform, Miranda’s DJing expertise is well-respected globally. Full profile here.

DJ MIranda Loy - Profile 5 - DJ Hire Agency - Storm DJs


Nigeria’s best musical export, Frizzie is a serious contender for hottest new African talent with strong technical ability and seriously cool vibe. Full profile here.

DJ Frizzee - Storm DJs London - female DJ 02


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