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Movies and TV Shows about DJs and Clubbing

Rob Stark goes from ‘King of the North’ to ‘King of the Rave’ in his latest movie role.

Richard Madden played Rob Stark in Game of Thrones for three seasons (spoiler alert!) before being betrayed and brutally murdered. In a recent trailer released by Netflix, Madden takes on the role of superstar DJ in the film Ibiza.

Labelled as a romantic-comedy, the film looks super cheesey and has a classic “will they/won’t they” love story between the main characters BUT is probably an easy watch when you’re hungover.

The trailer got us thinking about other film or TV shows based on dance music culture.

Kevin and Perry Go Large
A spin-off from Harry Hill’s sketch ‘Kevin the Teenager‘, the film focusses on two teenage boys obsessed with girls and music. The pair find themselves in some money and plan a trip to Ibiza to meet world famous DJ Eyeball Paul. Silly comedy but well worth the watch!

Human Traffic
A film which is as relevant today as it was when first released at the end of the 90s. A group of friends can’t wait for the weekend when they get to dance and chat nonsense. Society is full of people living for the weekend and this movie highlights issues of alienation in young people and drug culture in the club scene.

Take One: A Documentary About Swedish House Mafia
Described as a “hedonistic rollercoaster”, the documentary follows Axwell, Ingrosso and Steve Angello as they reach stratospheric fame. Everything is over the top and the doc gives us an insight to the insane pressure DJs are under to perform at the highest level.

People Just Do Nothing
Watch started as an amateur YouTube sketch has turned into a 4 series TV show on the BBC. They’ve featured on Dragon’s Den, Comic Relief and now can be seen on the main-stage of most festivals! A “documentary crew” follow members of the Kurupt FM pirate radio station and capture their highs and lows. Possibly the best comedy show on the BBC since The Office?!

Let us know if we’ve missed anything from the list!

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