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Sober Clubbing: A Health Conscious Way To Party

Everyone has woken up after a night out and uttered that famous phrase; “I’m never drinking again”, well, there’s a new health craze which might well put an end to all that – sober clubbing.

I’m sure we’ve all tried having a sober night at the club but the temptation of a warm can of larger is just too much, plus there’s nothing more annoying than being sober around a group of drunk mates so you might as well join them. An event planner in Scotland (yes, Scotland of all places!) is hosting parties removing the option of alcohol and replacing it smoothies.

The company behind it all, Sober Clubbing (simple enough name to remember), describe themselves as “Scotland’s Number 1 Health Conscious Dance Event” with DJs playing house, trance, EDM and techno but instead of ordering your usual rum and coke you can choose from a range of organic fruit drinks.

You’re probably concerned about having the stamina to go through a full night without a Vodka Redbull, don’t worry they offer raw cacao energy drinks. And rather than ordering a kebab in the early hours of the morning, a selection of vegan friendly munchies are on offer. The aim is to “Enliven your Body, Heart and Taste-Buds”.

The best part is – NO HANGOVER!

The idea of these parties is to simply enjoy the music and dance freely. Ronnie Whittaker who started these events says; “fundamentally, sober clubbing is about people just completely being themselves and enjoying themselves.”

This isn’t the first time sober clubbing has been in focus in the dance industry. Mixmag awarded Bradley Gunn Raver the title of ‘Raver of The Year’ after he gained popularity for his lively, unrelenting dance-moves at almost every big festival. Bradley has Asperger’s Syndrome and found raving as a way to help socialise and interact in large crowds.

So if you’re thinking of extending dry January and sober October, that doesn’t mean your clubbing days are over. Find a dry event and simply swap your Piña Colada for a kale smoothie.


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