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Meet the ravishing DJ Rap

DJ Rap - Storm DJs London - Booking Agent - 10

DJ Rap is one our of newest legendary DJ roster additions. Not only has she been voted the number one female DJ in the world, DJ Rap is also CEO of her own record labels; a fully-fledged producer of music for film, TV and advertising campaigns; and a classically-trained pianist and song writer. Add to this her modelling and acting work, and it appears there really is no end to this lady’s talents!

Best known historically for her drum ‘n’ bass work, DJ Rap has established her credentials as an accomplished DJ in a wide range of genres including house and progressive electronic music.

Having produced 10 of her own albums, and having been featured on 75 compilations, DJRap has achieved over 3,000,000 sales worldwide. Her most well-known album, Learning Curve, was released in 1999 to critical acclaim and has been described as “the record Madonna wanted to make”.

Gifted, accomplished and creatively driven, DJ Rap is a true legend and now available to book for corporate and private bookings. Read more here.


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