An Interview with DJ Karl S. Berg

The tech-house muscles from Brussels, DJ Karl S. Berg is next in our DJ Interviews… Who is this Jean Claude Van DJ character?

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DJ Name
Karl S. Berg

Deep House – House – Tech House

Current Favourite DJ Performance Equipment
A couple of NI D2 (four when I’m feeling like Richie) and a DJM 2000 mixer

What got you into DJing?
Synoptic, my childhood neighbour and still one of my best friends.

Which big name DJs’ style do you most reflect?
Hard to say, as this as evolved over time. I like to believe I have a style on my own and it reflects first and foremost my style.

Do you remember your first ever gig?
Must have been a DJ contest. I did some of those.

Tell us about your all-time favourite artists.
I definitely like U2 and Madonna. I haven’t been following much on Madonna in the past few years, but U2 had consistently been able to re-invent themselves without losing the U2 sound but at the same time not sounding the same every song.

What has been your most ridiculous DJ request to date?
None whatsoever. Nothing seems ridiculous to me. 🙂

How do you think DJ technology will change into the future?
The boundary between producing and DJing will keep on blurring. Look at what native instruments is doing with stems these days. But I do believe that this will just open more options for DJ, i.e. some DJ will make use of it, others will stick to the basic and stitch tracks to one another. Nothing wrong with one of the other.

What was your worst gig and why?
My worst gig must have been in a bar in Ghent once, for a friends party. I was playing with CDs and for some reason, the adjustable pitch was put on maximum, making it jump with 0.5% at a time. Trainwreck after trainwreck.

What was your best ever gig and why?
That must have been Glu’s Mongol Rally party in London. It looked like it was going to be a quiet night until all of the sudden this mass of people show up and hit the dancefloor to not get off before they were brushed out by the owner because the curfew had passed.

Do you think we will see DJ robots soon?
Aren’t some of them already?

Do any ‘star’ DJs get on your nerves?
Not really. Some people are very vocal on the EDM DJ, but although it’s not my style, I don’t get wound up about it. It’s just another form of artistry. You can’t like it all.

Your best ever YouTube clip 
It’s hard to talk about the best, but the urinal hand wash fail must be one of the better ones:
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What one useful tip would you give to the layman looking to book a DJ for their event?
Trust the booking agent.

To find out more about Karl S. Berg click here.

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