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I Need a New Resident DJ, What Should I Do?

The Search for a New Resident DJ (bar, club, restaurant)

In the search for a new resident DJ for venues, owners and managers often ask us about the options and the process involved with each.

The three main options you have when trying to find a new resident are below, together with the pros and cons of each option.

1. Place an advert on social media or local paper


The pros:

  • It’s incredibly easy to get the word out on platforms such as Facebook.
  • Due to supply and demand in the industry, it will generate a large amount of interest, and thus applicants.
  • The applicants might be happy to work for peanuts.

The cons:

  • Sifting through the applications can take a long time.
  • The quality of applications will generally be quite low: from Joe Bloggs who doesn’t know the meaning of a CV, to Beyonce Biggs, who is great at talking about herself but who doesn’t know anything about music.
  • Once you’ve found the DJ who you think will do the job, he or she stays for 1 week then disappears only to leave you back at square one.

2. Ask around friends and contacts for recommendations


The pros:

  • It’s a recommendation, so generally a good bet.
  • The DJ should be easy to contact.

The cons:

  • Recommendations from friends might not be right for you, despite working well for them.
  • You might get tied into employing the recommendation through politeness to your friend, despite the DJ not doing the job.

3. Secure an agency contract


The pros:

  • You chat with the agent and discuss exactly what you require in terms of DJ (the music type, the look of the DJ, the need to work certain times/days).
  • The agent puts together a list of available talented options to choose from.
  • The DJ will have been fully screened for skill, experience, and professionalism.
  • You are safe in the knowledge that a backup will always be available should the new resident be ill, or have an accident.
  • There will be no chance of the DJ disappointing you, or disappearing.
  • The agent will be able to put together a rotation of quality DJs for your venue, so that your customers can enjoy the idea of a new act each week.
  • The whole process is fully-invoiced, contracted, trackable, and VAT deductable (if the agency is large).

The cons:

  • The cost will normally be slightly higher than employing a DJ directly.


Need to chat about recruiting a new resident DJ? Give our team a call and we will be able to have a chat about your needs and requirements.


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