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Zero Gravity DJs: The Sky Is Not The Limit

It sounds like an idea Elon Musk might come up with after a big night out, but German nightclub promoters BigCityBeats are hosting the first ever zero gravity rave.

Winners of a social media competition will be sent into the stratosphere to party in an aircraft that is usually used for training astronauts. The clubbers will be flying for an hour and a half and will be weightless for roughly 25 minutes, no doubt there’ll be a few drink spillages…

In total there will be 55 people on-board including pilots, aviation experts and two of the biggest DJs on the planet (pun intended), Steve Aoki and Armin Van Buuren. Both DJs are popular for the performances and theatrics alongside their sets and it seems Van Buuren has been preparing for this occasion. No, that isn’t an ordinary picture flipped over. That is a custom built DJ booth which rotates 360 degrees!

When talking about the upcoming zero gravity project Armin van Buuren said “I think it will look really funny, you can make really unique dance moves that you wouldn’t normally be able to do on a dance floor”. One thing’s for sure, the experience will certainly be out of this world (again, pun intended).

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