FAQ: How Long Does It Take To Set Up Equipment?

FAQ: How Long Does It Take To Set Up Equipment?

Answer: 30 minutes

If we’re providing all your equipment, our policy is to ensure the DJ arrives one hour before their performance starts. The equipment will only take 30 minutes to set up and this process allows the DJ to have a further 30 minutes to sound-check and scope the vibe of the room. However, if the venue is a nightclub or bar and all the equipment is already on-site, the DJ can just plug-in and play!

Our standard package is the hire of decks, a 1kw sound system (2 tops and 1 sub) and a lighting rig, however, we can add on pretty much anything imaginable – microphones, disco balls, dance floors, extra speakers. Make sure you check out the type of equipment we provide here.

For a small fee we can arrange for early set up – weddings normally need a microphone and PA for their speeches long before the DJ plays, and sometimes will want background music during their meals. Some venues have specific loading and de-rigging times so it’s always best to double-check when we can have access to the room. If necessary we can arrive early before guests to prevent any disruptions.

In venues across London it can be difficult to transfer all the equipment from the vehicle to the function room so it’s always worth checking if they have appropriate loading bays.

We are able to provide all necessary documentation such as PLI and PAT testing for all our DJs and equipment and we’re more than happy to chat with the venue directly to save any confusion!

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