FAQ: Should I choose the Package DJ?

As a part of our ongoing Frequently Asked Questions series, we lay out our answers to simple service questions about Storm DJs:

Your question: Should we use the in-house DJ for our event?

The answer: Probably not…

The more complete answer: 

Your chosen event venue will most likely have a DJ to offer you as part of the “package” and, in all likelihood,  it probably works out a bit cheaper to use them. But before you think “Great, a bargain, that’s one less thing to budget for!”, consider this. When using a high calibre DJ agency such as Storm you have the choice of 60+ DJs who all have a wealth of professional experience, are highly-vetted, and happy to play open-format or more niche gigs. Compare this with the venue’s offering which will typically be the one DJ, usually an unnamed-unknown, with no choice at all. You have no idea who they are, whether they will be popular, or if they can play your requested music genre (that’s if they’ve even heard of it!).

The other thing to think about with venue DJs is that for them, this is just another gig and if it doesn’t go quite so well, well it doesn’t really matter because the venue will still have more events next week. DJs have egos and personally selecting them from an agency makes them feel special! Each and every gig is vital for our DJs’ portfolios as self-employed individuals with a career founded on reputation. Our guys and girls rely on positive feedback to be put forward by us for future events so every gig gets their full attention and dedication.

Finally, we encourage full and frank conversation and communication between client and DJ directly – both before and during every event – to ensure both parties are on the same wave-length and that you, the client, come away completely satisfied. This might not be something “Mr Package” is willing to help with.


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