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FAQ: Should I hire a live musician?

As a part of our ongoing Frequently Asked Questions series, we lay out our answers to simple service questions about Storm DJs:

Your question: Should I hire a live musician to play alongside my DJ?

The answer: Definitely!

The more complete answer:

Live musicians are becoming increasingly popular alongside DJs. Over the summer we’ve had large number of outdoor events with saxophonists tooting away in the sunshine. The main benefit of having a saxophonist, violinist and/or percussionist (other than the fact that it looks super cool) is that they bring a real energy. It sounds very hippie and cringey but they add an atmosphere to the crowd that makes it almost impossible not to dance to! There’s always been a cross-over between electronic music and classically trained musicians, remember when drum’n’bass pioneer Goldie was on that TV show training to be the conductor of an orchestra?!

Basically, live musicians make parties more fun and can essentially remix your favourite songs on-the-fly by improvising over the top. What’s cooler than that?



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