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FAQ: Do your DJs take requests?

As a part of our ongoing Frequently Asked Questions series, we lay out our answers to simple service questions about Storm DJs:

Your question: Do your DJs take requests

The answer: Definitely, just ask!

The more complete answer:

The answer to this is; “within reason”. We encourage our DJs to interact with the clients before the gig as much as possible to ensure they create the right atmosphere for the event. Every client sends a playlist whether to their DJ who will then use this as a guideline throughout the night. Our DJs are chatty and approachable so will happily take requests BUT it’s important to acknowledge that they are experienced and know what songs work at what times. They aren’t just jukeboxes, they have feelings. That said, if the best-man asks for the “stag-do song” that they sung all the way round Prague then the DJ will be open to playing it.


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