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DJs Increase Attendances at Museums

Just because there’s a DJ, doesn’t mean there’s a party. They can be used as part of a sophisticated, invite-only event.

Over the last couple of years we’ve noticed a trend in museums and art galleries booking DJs. Across London, establishments including the V&A, National Portrait Gallery and Tate Britain have begun hosting monthly “Late Night” events allowing people to visit after work whilst enjoying a glass of wine (just make sure you don’t spill it on a rare piece!).

The DJs can play generic commercial music to encourage a lively atmosphere or even be genre specific dependent on the exhibition. A gallery showcasing the latest modern-art display might opt for some futuristic electronic music (think Blade Runner & Jon Hopkins) while a museum with new (well, old) WW2 artefacts would want to recreate the scene with 1940’s Ronnie Scott-style jazz.

A benefit of hiring a DJ for these events is that it can increase attendances in young people. The Musée National des Arts Asiatuques-Guimet in Paris recorded a 40% increase in visitors aged 18-26 after they began hosting regular late night events featuring a DJ. The findings stated the music is the main attraction but the visitors then wander among the exhibitions and return during the day to see things they missed out.

It’s not just well known venues hosting these events, pop-up galleries and stores use DJs to literally create some noise for the brand. Last week we had a DJ perform for a one-day pop-up store in Marylebone in order to attract attention of passers by. Yes, DJs are great for weddings, birthdays and Christmas parties but they can also be used to create a warm, welcoming and even trendy atmosphere for customers.

If you’re planning a pop-up store, product launch, fashion show, art gallery or exhibition please contact us on [email protected] to find out what we can offer. We understand every event is unique so will take our time to ensure you get the right DJ.

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