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Craziest DJ Booths and Stages

Craziest DJ Booths

DJ Booths: Last week we spoke about the first ever zero gravity rave and how Armin van Buuren may have been preparing with his rotating DJ booth in which he performed upside down! This started a conversation in our office about some of the craziest DJ booths and stages for DJs to play in/on.

DJ Shadow
A pioneer in the hip-hop scene, DJ Shadow is one of the most respected DJs on the planet for his performance style, scratching and mixing on up-to eight turntables (yes, 8!). This idea of showmanship was developed further in 2010 when he turned his DJ booth into a giant LED sphere that looks like a Death Star. Patterns, images and videos in-sync with the music made his tour more of a performance piece than a DJ set.

DJ Shadow Crazy DJ Booths

Daft Punk
The Alive tour in 2007 is arguably Daft Punk’s biggest moment. One reviewer from The Times described the set (which featured hits Robot Rock, Around the World and One More Time) as a “memorable sensory spectacle, both dazzling and deafening”. Daft Punk played 48 shows around the world (get it?) and mesmerised crowds with their incredible light display and graphics from a pyramid shaped stage.

Daft Punk Wild DJ Booths

The theme changes every year at Tomorrowland and each theme provides fascinating stage designs and props. Our favourite DJ booth comes from 2015, titled The Secret of Melodia which treated festival-goers to dramatic structures and awe-inspiring pyrotechnics.

No list of theatrical DJ booths would be complete without mentioning Arcadia. The Spider is a giant metal beast capable of 50 foot flames with giant disco balls hanging from its legs and lazers for eyes, every raver’s dream. Arcadia have been a staple on the festival circuit and this year will celebrate their 10 year anniversary by hosting a weekend event in London.

Although we may not be able to provide a 50 tonne fire breathing spider, we do use the best quality sound systems and lighting displays so will be sure to have the perfect equipment for your event. Get in touch now to let us know what you need.


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