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Who are Storm DJs? The Quality DJ Hire Agency. Not to be confused with the model agency, the Russian Ant&Dec, nor the singer.

Researching to find out who Storm DJs actually are? Within the arena of search engines it has recently become apparent that our brand is fairly simple to find.

SEO standards have become a lot easier to work with as Google can identify quality and reality over imitation. However, as with the usual Internet issues there are always a few sites and similar names who may be scattered around the search results which have nothing to do with us.

Firstly, we are nothing to do with Storm Models, but that should be fairly apparent from the difference in name. Much as we like to believe our DJs are beautiful in their own way, you most probably won’t be seeing them strolling down a catwalk anytime soon. You might see us providing the music at fashion shows.

Secondly, we are nothing to do with the recently originally entitled ‘Storm DJ’ (singular) music producer/singer from India, nor the Russian Ant&Dec Euro-trance producers. However we do feel flattered by the adoption of our name by both. We have a number of highly-vetted and very professional DJs & artists on our books, but these guys are not one of them (yet).

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Established in 2011, Storm DJs are highly focused as a high quality UK Event DJ Hire Agency based in London. That’s all you need to remember!

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