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DJ FAST from Fun Lovin’ Criminals

“Multi-talented celeb musician”

Style expertise:

Other styles:  House/Hip Hop/Disco/Soul/Rock/Reggae/Dancehall

In 1993, Brian ‘FAST’ Leiser and his two friends formed Fun Lovin’ Criminals, best known for their hit ‘Scooby Snacks‘. However, Brian’s musical career started long before as he began DJing in 1985.

DJ FAST has made out a career out of blending an eclectic mix of hip-hop, jazz, funk and rock to create a soundscape influenced by the streets of New York. “I think the main influence would be living in New York and working at [nightclub] The Limelight. There was like five different rooms in this club and every room had a different genre of music. So there was usually house and dance music on the main floor, but there was a room that would have hip-hop and would have reggae. Just through working at this club you heard and were exposed to this music.”

DJ FAST continues to tour with Fun Lovin’ Criminals, but as a DJ has performed at a number of prestigious events for high-profile clients including; at the Monaco F1, Cannes Film Festival, Harley Davidson, Crazy Bear Group, LDV Hospitality venues, Birley Group and at The Rum Kitchen in London. He brings a unique approach to spinning at a party and has the flexibility to play any genre!

See below for DJ FAST’s mixes: