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Spotify testing auto-mixed playlists

Spotify has begun testing a feature which auto-mixes playlists together by beat matching. Does this mean the end of the DJ? No chance!

The “Crossfader” has been a part of Spotify for some years now, clumsily fading out the current song whilst starting the next one in the playlist. However, an article by Music Ally explains how this new feature uses an algorithm to perform mixes in real time and how a person discovered it by accident; “I’d been listening to this playlist for 15 minutes, and suddenly realised I hadn’t heard a gap between tracks. I checked, and realised they were being properly mixed together”.

We asked some of the DJs on our roster to share their thoughts on this news:

– “Being a full time DJ who relies on DJing for income, the article is a little scary at first glance but overall I’m not concerned about losing work to a computer. Hopefully most people will realise this is just a gimmick and nothing beats the real deal.”

– “The only time auto-mixing would be helpful is during long sets when I need to run to the toilet!”

– “It won’t ever replace proper DJs because no matter how good the Spotify mixing is, it can’t read a crowd. It can’t read their reactions to know what direction to take the music.”

– “How will it know when to do a wheel-up or reload?!”

– “It’s a helpful tool that will give clients an opportunity to thoroughly plan their playlists but come on, no one is going to have a laptop perform at their wedding.”

– “A DJ engages with the crowd and responds to how they react. Yes, auto-mixing is a great concept for recorded mixes, but a live set will always need a human element.”

– “I don’t see it having too much of an impact on the industry. Some cheap bar owners might try use it to save some money but they’ll lose any atmosphere. I guess it’ll be popular for student house parties but that’s it.”

It’s a great idea for those summer evening BBQs but when you’re after pure entertainment, a DJ is the only option.

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