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New DJM-REC App Allows DJs To Record Mixes Directly To iPhones

Pioneer DJ have launched a new app (DJM-REC) that enables DJs to record live mixes to their Apple devices.

There are already ways to record directly to your phone but they usually require more equipment. Pioneer have a solution, you simply need a standard USB charging cable (lighting cable) and nowadays everyone has a spare one in their backpack. Currently the DJM-REC is only compatible with Pioneer DJM mixers (the cheapest being DJM-450) meaning it’ll mostly be used by club DJs.

DJM-REC allows DJs to upload a mix from the app to Dropbox, Soundcloud or Mixcloud but the most exciting feature is the ability to livestream to social media.  You could be sat at home listening to your favourite DJ at your favourite club but not worry about someone spilling drinks over you all night.

As a DJ, how many times have you played a killer set and had the club pumping but had to rely on your story telling skills to convince your friends how good it was. With the DJM-REC you’ll be able to record every set and publish more content. Sometimes you can get lost in the mix and forget which tunes you’ve played, the app has an awesome feature which places timestamps when it detects use of the crossfader meaning you can go back and provide a tracklist for that eager clubber asking for every Track ID.

The Pioneer DJ app works on iOS 8 (or later) and any iPhone from the 5c to the latest iPhone X. It’s currently free on the app store for a limited time but RRP will be £9.99, we’re definitely investing!

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