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Suki Rae

DJ Suki Rae is a very in-demand performer with a vast skill-set. Passionate and driven in every performance, she is internationally-focussed with a passion for travel.

Suki is very flexible when it comes to music genres, ensuring she can create a unique soundtrack for each client.

She has also featured in TV and film, such as the award winning British film “The Intent” and TV drama series “Flack”. Currently based in London, her portfolio of talent to have experience in mixing such a wide range of genres including, EDM, House, UK Deep House Commercial, RnB, Dancehall, Hip Hop, Trap and Reggaeton, has made her a hit due to her flexibility for a varied range of gigs.

She has DJed for Morphe makeup at all store openings and their launches across the UK. She has also continued to get booked for many other top UK clients such as Park Plaza, W Hotel, London Fashion week and Pride.

DJ Suki Rae is now available for open-format DJ bookings through Storm DJs.

Did you know, if the above DJ is Open-Format (see the Music Styles box), they will also be able to put together mixes like the ones on our demos page here.

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