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DJ Sebina

DJ Sebina is a music and family lover. As a DJ, wife, and mother she has busy schedule!

Her musical Influences come from her parents. They listened to a huge variety of music during her childhood so expanded her mind, meaning she doesn’t have any one preferred genre. When DJing, the influence comes from the dancefloor in front of her, more than a limited genre choice.

Devoted to her music, DJ Sebina has DJed in shops, clubs, bars, on boats, in fields, and more. Her performance highlights are Kimberley Hall (weddings); Vodka Revolution (bars); and H&M (corporate).

She is now available for exclusive open-format DJ bookings through Storm DJs.

Did you know, if the above DJ is Open-Format (see the Music Styles box), they will also be able to put together mixes like the ones on our demos page here.

DJ Sebina
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