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Music Styles

Open-Format, House, Techno

DJ Type

International, Premium, Corporate


Benediction has been DJing professionally for nearly 10 years now, mostly involving weddings and private functions as well as bars and clubs.

A lover all genres of music, and mixing all genres, his music taste comes from many influences. Initially his parents built his core music knowledge with 80s & 90s electronic music as well as soul and a bit of Motown. When he started DJing he went through a number of different genres including breakbeat, hard house and drum and bass influenced by friends mainly and going to gigs. From the age of 18 he started doing mobile DJ events, which built his main music knowledge, learning different techniques, and the ability to read a room.

His best event to date is Coors Light and Mixmag’s Ice Cave Rave in Sheffield and Manchester. He has also performed at HiFields festival, alongside Dusky, Second City, Detlef, Pax, and Rene La Vive.

Did you know, if the above DJ is Open-Format (see the Music Styles box), they will also be able to put together mixes like the ones on our demos page here.

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