Daryl Ingleton – Percussionist

"Fastest Hands in the UK"

Daryl Ingleton is a highly-trained percussionist and drummer based in London. Trained by Europe’s leading Brazilian percussionist – Bosco De Oliveira.

With over 10 years of experience in drumming and just finished a 3-year music performance degree, majoring in Drums. Daryl has also been awarded as the fastest hands in the UK in 2012 by Bell percussion.

Incredibly dedicated to music, he has an advanced style and profound musical knowledge while being a fantastic easy-going guy.

Daryl Ingleton – Percussionist Demos:

Did you know, all of our musicians are freestyle experts, meaning they will be able to perform alongside any of our DJs, whatever music they are performing. 

Daryl Ingleton – Percussionist
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