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"Charismatic Perfectionist"

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Open-Format, Hip-Hop, RnB, Old-School, Soul, Afrobeat, Reggaeton, Funk, Bootlegs, Reggae

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DJ Dero

DJ Dero is a well-versed open-format DJ.

He is best introduced by client testimonials below:

“Dero has a knack at getting people on the dance floor. Charismatic and easy going. A guy you want to be around at a party.” Alec Stansell

“Skill wise he is a good DJ: his mixing is good and had a good grasp of many genres. Really great guy kept the crowd engaged!” Hector B 

His career to date has seen him perform across the UK at numerous renowned corporate and private events.

DJ Dero is now available for open-format DJ bookings through Storm DJs.

Did you know, if the above DJ is Open-Format (see the Music Styles box), they will also be able to put together mixes like the ones on our demos page here.

DJ Dero
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