Should I bother entering the BOTB Cars DJ competition?

The question of whether or not to enter the BOTB DJ competition is a good one.

Basically, while there are more focussed and specialist DJ competitions with much better odds out there, you might still have a punt.

BOTB (‘Best of the Best’ – the car competition company) also includes a Pioneer CDJ package in their hundreds of ‘lifestyle’ competition prize options.

The odds are significantly lower than through Storm.

While at the forefront of car giveaways, BOTB run a single weekly ‘lifestyle’ draw, where people can choose between hundreds of different prize options.

We estimate that with an average of at least 100 people each week entering each BOTB prize option, this gives 20,000 weekly contestants.

When we spoke directly to BOTB about their competition, they gave the following statement: “BOTB [] also includes a Pioneer CDJ but operate rather differently. BOTB run a weekly ‘Lifestyle’ draw, where players can choose between [a varying number of] different prize options, depending on what they want to win, meaning that CDJs are not won very often. Tickets are cheap at just 60p [] but there are no fixed odds, and they just sell whatever tickets they can in a one week period.”

After having DJ equipment on offer for around 5 years now (that’s over 260 competitions), BOTB have awarded DJ prizes just 7 times (Jan ’24).

For comparison, Storm’s number of contestants per competition is capped at just 800 and we have awarded over £148,000 of DJ prizes.

CompanyBOTBStorm DJs
Average Spend per Contestant (estimated)£15*£9
Number of Competitions with DJ Gear So Far 260*25
Number of Contestants per competition (approx)20,000*700
Live display of number of ContestantsNoYes
Number of Non-DJ Prize Options199*1
% of DJ Prize Options1%80%
Number of DJ Prize Bundles Awarded724
Estimated odds of a win of an average contestant0.007%*0.1%
Odds of being a winner and winning DJ gear0.0000007%*0.08%
Live drawNoYes

*All BOTB statistics are estimates as they do not reveal actual figures.

Odds of winning DJ competition Storm DJs BOTB.002
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