Win The New Ultimate Pro CDJ DJ Setup

Worth £7000!

Prize Option Includes:

2 x Pioneer CDJ3000 Decks, 1 x Pioneer DJM-A9

Win The New Ultimate Pro CDJ DJ Setup

As a part of our regular DJ Prize giveaway, we are offering you the chance to win a set of 2 x Pioneer CDJ-3000 decks and the all-new Pioneer DJM-A9 mixer. This is most DJs’ ultimate setup for 2023.

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The Pioneer Flagship Multi-Player For Professional DJs: any DJs’ dream prize. Harness a higher level of creative power with the brand-new flagship multi player.

The CDJ-3000 is a high-performance DJ media player that boasts advanced features to enhance the DJ experience. Its enhanced MPU provides better performance and stability, while the Gigabit Ethernet connection enables users to share and play audio files from USB devices and SD cards on up to six CDJ-3000 units. The device has a better screen visibility and tougher components, including a high-quality aluminium top plate and redesigned play, cue, and Hot Cue buttons.

The CDJ-3000 has full audio file caching capability and an enhanced audio design that provides realistic spatial sound and a more musical bass sound. It also features a 9-inch high-resolution touch screen, Key Sync and Key Shift features, the smoothest-ever jog wheel, eight Hot Cue buttons, and dedicated Beat Jump buttons.


Pioneer DJM-A9 2023 mixer

The Pioneer DJM-A9 is a 4-channel club standard mixer that offers several significant upgrades over its predecessor, the DJM-900NXS2. It features improved sound quality, playability, connectivity, and new features that help elevate performances to the next level. The DJM-A9 has also been designed to function as a musical instrument to facilitate more emotional and dynamic performances while retaining the functions and layout that have become club standards.

The DJM-A9 is equipped with a 32-bit high-quality A/D converter for crystal-clear, high-resolution sound in the channel input section, while the master and booth output sections use 32-bit high-quality D/A converters. The microphone input and headphone outputs have also been improved with carefully selected new parts and design optimisation.

Increased spacing around the EQ knobs and high-grade, bright LEDs in the channel section make it easier to visualize sound levels. The frequency response of the isolators has been optimized to make the most of the latest music production traits, allowing for more dynamic performances. The DJM-A9 also features higher quality, slicker channel faders than the DJM-900NXS2, plus the third-generation MAGVEL FADER crossfader, enabling silk-smooth mixing and rapid, stable scratching.

The Sound Colour FX now has a brand-new Center Lock feature that allows for quick and precise adjustment without the risk of switching to the opposite parameter accidentally. The newly advanced Beat FX comes with a new color display that helps to quickly and accurately understand the status of the selected effect. There are also 3 new Beat FX available to add extra variation to performances.

The DJM-A9 features a phantom-powered input, allowing for a high-quality condenser mic to be connected directly to the mixer. There are 3 new microphone effects available, including Echo, Pitch, and Megaphone, with a dedicated reverb effect. The Push To Talk button allows for quick and easy activation and deactivation of the mic input, and the audio from the mic can be excluded from the recording output.

Connectivity is enhanced with dual USB Type-B and USB Type-C ports, allowing for seamless transitions between DJs and easy back-to-back sets. The Bluetooth input allows for wireless audio track dropping from other devices such as smartphones. The Dual independent headphone outputs and booth EQ make it easy for two DJs to cue up tracks during changeovers and back-to-back sets.

The DJM-A9 is compatible with Stagehand, the industry-first PRO DJ LINK remote management app for front-of-house teams. An engineer can keep an eye on things such as level meters and the DJ’s use of the mixer’s controls using an iPad connected wirelessly to the mixer via a LAN router.

Overall, the DJM-A9 is an exceptional club mixer that boasts stunning sound quality, playability, and connectivity with a host of new features that make it easier to take performances to the next level.

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