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Our 7th DJ Competition: Win CDJ3000 / 1210 / XDJ-XZ / Apple Tech.

Our 7th Competition (August 2021) is now live. What are the prize options?

Every month so far, our lucky winners have chosen the £6,500 Ultimate CDJ package, which brings the total to almost £40,000 of DJ equipment awarded!

Storm DJs Win Pioneer CDJ3000 DJM900NXS2 XDJ-XZ Technics 1210 Mk7 and more Competition Giveaway August

In August we are giving away a choice of the following 5 options once again:

  1. The Ultimate CDJ Package, the most in-demand DJ setup for 2021. It’s back again! This has been our most-chosen, and most-won prize option to date. The current best Pioneer CDJs and Mixer:
  2. The Ultimate Vinyl DJ Setup. The number-one DJ vinyl turntables by Technics, incredible scratch mixer from Pioneer, laptop by Apple, stand and high-def KRK monitor speakers: 
  3. The “Everything DJ” bundle made up of the number one stand-alone Pioneer DJ controller, Pioneer turntables with Phase adapters, a mammoth PA sound system, and music production setup:
  4. The Ultimate Apple Tech bundle
  5. £5,000 Cash (tax-free) – wired straight to your bank account.

Closing date for the August competition was midnight on the 31st of August 2021. 

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