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DJ Whoppa

“King of the DJs”

DJ Whoppa is a highly-skilled open-format DJ, with over a decade of experience spanning from vinyl to digital.

With influences ranging from pop and house to indie and hip hop, DJ Whoppa has an immense knowledge and talent to entertain many-an-audience. He loves witnessing massive customer satisfaction through dancing!

In his own words: “You have to make sure you get to know the crowd as quickly as possible. As a DJ, you have to make sure you keep a close eye on the crowd and see what songs they are reacting to. Getting a big positive reaction from a song means you have to play more of the same. Getting a bad or slightly bad reaction to a song means a quick spin back and a new song are needed!”

“My style is dictated by my client. I operate on whatever is needed for the party in front of me. Some clients will want their dj to just play music, others like their dj to interact with the crowd and use the microphone. My style is fluid.”

He is now available for open-format DJ bookings through Storm DJs.

Client FAQ:

Can Whoppa perform any types of music?
YES, he is an open-format DJ (aside from having his own favourite music) meaning he can play at any event.

Have a listen to our interview with DJ Whoppa and his latest mixes below:

Press pack available on request.