Jose Padilla




DJ Jose Padilla is the world’s greatest chill-out DJ who founded Ibiza’s famous Café Del Mar ambient sunset mixes. He first arrived on the White Isle of Ibiza in 1975 and became a true DJ pioneer and hero.

His legendary sunset sets have become an essential part of the Ibiza experience, and the mixtapes he first recorded evolved into the much-loved Café del Mar compilation albums, which were conceived and compiled by him from the get-go. His CDs have now sold over 5 million copies around the world.

With the ‘Café del Mar’ series he became worldwide known as the spiritual father of chill-out. With his debut album ‘Souvenir’ and solo tracks like ‘One day in Paradise’ and ‘Agua’ he took the twilight chill-out tones a stage further.

His follow-up album ‘Navigator’ represented a new creative peak and sold all over the world after being launched at the Winter Music Conference 2002. Jose was nominated for the Latin Grammys in the ‘Best instrumental’ category and Billboard magazine commented ‘José Padilla… has shaped a legend across much of the world as a maestro of chill-out/ ambient music.’ A special edition of Navigator (released in the American market by Maverick, Madonna’s label) featured remixes by artists of the electronic music scene like : Paul Daley of Leftfield, Alex Neri a.k.a. Planet Funk, Francesco Farfa, Bent, etc. Even Seal requested to put lyrics and sing to the track “Adios Ayer”.

In recent years he’s compiled the well-received Cafe Solo series and the beautiful Bella Musica CDs. In 2012 include a special selection of jazzy tunes “Beach Classics” for the label Blue Note Records, the compilation “Ibiza Sundowner” for EMI Germany and “Singita 10th anniversary” CD.

In 2013 he has released two remixes for Norah Jones in Blue Note Records, Say Goodbye and Travelin ́On.

Time certainly flies, as he has just celebrated his 40th anniversary of DJing!

Padilla has recently signed to the highly respected label International Feel, also home of fellow innovator Harvey. He’s primed to release a new single, Solito and there’s an album So Many Colurs released in the spring of 2015. This year as being a bussy year for Jose, being request for gigs around the world like Corona Sunsets in Okinawa – Japan, Punta del Este – Uruguay , Playa del Carmen – México, also play in places like Potato Head – Bali, in the Sky Bar – Singapour, Bodrum – Turkey, Stall 6 – Zurich, Block Club – Tel Aviv/Israel, Le Brain – New York, etc.

Jose Padilla still brings music to the world in his sets worldwide and is musical ambassador for Ibiza, he continues to search out the finest music from around the world to share with all the music lovers.

He’s in great shape, just like the scene he built. Many years a well-known music Awards in Ibiza contacted Padilla with the news he’d been selected for their Lifetime Achievement Award. He turned them down. “I didn’t want it. I’m still DJing and making music and I love it. When I’m retired – then you can give it to me.” This year he was awarded the honorary Recognition Vicius Magazine Awards of Music.

And some news for this summer will be the residences in Liastí – Mikonos and in the Hotel Meliá – Sant Antonio – Ibiza for the sunsets once at week.


  •  “Agua” (Café del Mar vol.1 1994)
  •  “Sabor de Verano” (Café del Mar vol.2 1995)
  •  “Walking on Air” (Café del Mar vol.3 1996)
  •  “One Day in Paradise” (1997)
  •  “Souvenir” – album (1998 Mercury)
  •  “Navigator” – album (2001 – Dro East West / Maverick)
  •  “Navigator Special Edition” – album (2002 – Dro East West)
  •  ‘Cafe Del Mar Vol. 1-6’’ (1994-2001)
  •  “The Best of Café del Mar” (2003)
  •  ‘’ManRay Vol. 4’’ (Wagram 2004)
  •  ‘’Cafe Solo Vol. 1’’ ( Resist 2006)
  •  “Hotel Micuras “ (2006)
  •  ‘’Café Solo Vol. 2’’ (Resist 2007)
  •  ‘’Bella Musica Vol. 1-3’’ ( East-West / Cool D-Vision 2005-2008)
  •  ‘Bella Musica Vol. 4’ ( Cool D-Vision 2009)
  •  “Café Mambo” 15 Aniversary (Defected Records 2009 )
  •  “Bella Musica Vol. 5’’ ( East-West / Cool D-Vision 2010)
  •  “Beach Classics” Blue Note (EMI 2012)
  •  “Singita 10th Anniversary” Klik Records 2012
  •  “Ibiza Sundowner” EMI 2012
  •  “So Many Cours” International Feel Recordings 2015


  •  Jhelisa (Dorado)
  •  Johnsons (Sony)
  •  Michael Gordon
  •  Chris Rea (Warner)
  •  Angel John (Ceo-Neo)
  •  Presuntos Implicados (Warner)
  •  Norah Jones (Blue Note)


  • 1 Track in “Manumisión The Movie” Soundtrack.
  • 1 Track in “El Arte de Morir” soundtrack
  • 1 track for millennium of Modern Art Museum, Edinburgh
  • Soundrack of the film “El sueño de Ibiza” (Ibiza’s Dreams) directed by Igor Floravanti and produced by Maestranza films.


Jose’s DJ mixes and production samples:

Press pack available on request.