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What To Buy A DJ For Christmas 2022?

It’s that time of year again, so here’s our latest round-up of the best presents to buy for your favourite DJ this Christmas.

1. Get them some personalisation for their DJ equipment knobs and faders!

Chroma Caps are a very inventive way of making a DJ’s gear stand out from the rest, and they don’t cost much.

The place to go is DJ Tech Tools for Chroma Caps.

2. Get your DJ a better pair of headphones.

There’s about a million different models out there, but the ones which really work for all pro DJs out there are below:

And a nice pair to use when not DJing:

  • The Sony WF-C500 wireless in-ear buds (your DJ will appreciate the sound quality)

3. Buy your DJ a new DJ controller.

If you want to splash the cash, take a look at the below options of great DJ controllers (that are actually available to buy right now, rather than on back-order):

Other controllers we highly-recommend, but which are normally not available:

4. Buy your DJ a few entries into our regular DJ equipment giveaway.

Storm DJs Winner CDJ3000 DJM900NXS2 - Mike Allder July 2021 (1)

For just a few quid, not only could your DJ end up getting his or her dream gear (worth over £6,000), it would most-likely be a package of DJ gear that’s not readily available. Enter here.

5. Buy your DJ a professionally designed logo to brand them up!

A personalised, graphic-designer-crafted logo for your DJ is a unique gift to add to their future marketing and branding.

The aptly named DJ Logo Design site is the place to go for some excellent packages.

Whatever you decide to buy for your DJ for Christmas, have a great one and don’t dance too hard.

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