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“The true house-producer extraordinaire”

Heckner - Storm DJs - London Agency
Heckner - Storm DJs - London Agency 2
Heckner - Storm DJs - London Agency 3

Style expertise: House, Deep House, Tech House, Techno

Heckner can best be described as the Germanic Alpine House DJ/producer wizard.

AHeckner and Glu Sound EP - MUM records - Storm DJsfter 20 years DJing around the world in iconic venues such as Fabric, Turnmills, and Slinky, Heckner is in the midst of becoming an underground producer sensation, putting together a unique blend of house and techno in a way that not been managed before. His current production work alongside Glu Sound as well as vocalist sensation Farrah created a buzz through the DJ community with immediate support from the likes of Nolan and Timo Garcia. The official release entitled ‘Beginnings’ is out this month on MUM recordings.

Other notable musical collaborations include Billy Gonzalez (Billy & The Geek), elito, and Kai Kinkel.

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Heckner’s current DJ mix and production samplers can be streamed below:

Press pack available on request.