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We get asked almost daily about whether our DJs actually carry out “Party DJ” London hire as well as corporate bookings. The simple answer is yes. As well as having a long list of satisfied corporate customers, we have successfully employed our DJs at hundreds of parties and continue to do so. Usually our clients are looking for a DJ who is focussed on the music, rather than the sound of his or her own voice.

Evidently we are not a bog-standard ‘party DJ’ company. We are rather a close-knit DJ agency comprised of highly musically talented individuals who have for the most part performed professionally around the country and the world.

Given our musically-focused perspective we also get asked whether we will actually be able to cater for our client’s music tastes. Again the answer is a definite yes on this one because despite of each of their musical specialisms, our DJs are here to please you, the (dancing) customer. We create custom-made playlists according to your requirements and needs, and we ensure you are totally happy with the lists before proceeding.

As per our standard hire flexibility, you can choose a custom-made package according to your time and equipment requirements. The final full price will be calculated instantly and shown on the screen for you. Follow this link for the calculator. You can now also choose from package extras such as accompanying musicians such as saxophonists, drummers, or violinists.

As well as being fully transparent with our DJ pricing, we offer a DJ guarantee meaning that if any DJ cannot make it to the booking we will guarantee a replacement DJ for your event. To date we have had zero cancellations (touch wood) but we like to keep our customers completely satisfied.

Do get in touch with any questions you may have about our services using the contact form, or have a further browse of the Storm DJs site.