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An Interview with DJ Becky Saif

The incredible Ibiza DJ Becky Saif is next up in our set of DJ Interviews in which we aim to find out some interesting facts and stories from our own team of DJs.

DJ Becky Saif - DJ Hire Agency - Storm DJs

DJ Name
Becky Saif


Current Favourite DJ Performance Equipment
Traktor X1

What got you into DJing?
Radio Presenting – I became a professional radio presenter and was recommended to try DJing

Which big name DJs’ style do you most reflect?
Skrillex, Diplo, Netsky, Claude Von Stroke, Major Lazer, Disclosure, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Jack U

Do you remember your first ever gig?
Yes and I’d really rather not tell you about it but, here goes. I was 17 years old (too young to work in a club) and I lied about my age so that I could DJ in a 70s bar. I was paid £50 for the night and it became my first residency. Luckily I turned 18 not long after.

Tell us about your all-time favourite artists.
Honestly, I have favourite artists in a full range of genres. One artist that really got me into electronic music was Deadmau5. I’ve since progressed to liking Netsky, Flume, Disclosure, Jack U and various drum and bass artists. I’m open to a lot of different styles and enjoy remixes of commercial music, especially urban artists like Rihanna, Drake and Fuse ODG. I also really love the sounds of Sigala in the last year.

What has been your most ridiculous DJ request to date?
“Can you turn the music off, we need to have a meeting?” (one person, in one group…whilst the room is full of loads of people dancing)

How do you think DJ technology will change into the future?
CDJs are almost non existent. They will not be available in the next few years, or at least the CD component will cease. There is a lot more emphasis on remixes, loops and live production using controllers.

What was your worst gig and why?
I was really ill once with a fever but determined to get to the gig. I turned up, dosed up on Ibruprofen, antibiotics, drinking lemsips and my body was shaking in the DJ booth. It was the hardest gig of my life, but I managed to pull through it.

What was your best ever gig and why?
Leeds University Union – 1600 capacity. There was so much energy in the room and having such an amazing crowd feed off of and respond with so much energy. It’s the best feeling!

Do you think we will see DJ robots soon?
Yes. There is already a robot in existence that is able to scan and detect the room for heart rates, temperature, energy response and movement. It responds accordingly by playing music, depending on the data that is picked up from the cameras in the room. Over the night the “robot” learns to adapt to the room. This doesn’t exist yet commercially and it will be a long time before it exists in public but I believe it will never replace the “DJ”, as the DJ is an artist and a performer.

Do any ‘star’ DJs get on your nerves?
Not really, everyone has their own lives and ways that they go about things. They get on with theirs and I get on with mine. Everyone’s happy 🙂

Your best ever YouTube clip

What one useful tip would you give to the layman looking to book a DJ for their event?
Speak to your DJ personally and get to know them and their ability. A lot of DJs have “experience” but if you are looking for someone that can adapt and be flexible to your needs, then you need to make sure that they are able to do this. Mixing is one thing, but reading the crowd and making the night exceptional is what makes a great DJ.

To find out more about Becky Saif click here.

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