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Maxi Jazz (Faithless)

Maxi Jazz is a DJ, rapper and singer-songwriter, best known as the lead vocalist of electronic wizards and festival favourites, Faithless.

From humble beginnings as a deejay, singer and drummer, performing with groups playing genres as diverse as soul, melodic funk, blues and 1950s-style rock ‘n’roll, Maxi Jazz went on to found The Soul Food Cafe System as a DJ in 1984 having recently discovered hiphop. The band aired their sound on pirate radio and were later picked up by Tam Tam Records (part of Savage Records) through whom the band released their first album “Original Groovejuice, Vol. 1”. In 1992 Maxi founded his own label, Namu Records, to release the band’s new material, and they toured as the support act to big-name artists including Jamiroquai and Soul II Soul.

Maxi Jazz’ big break came in 1995 along with the incarnation of British Electronica group, Faithless, arguably the most successful Electronic act in the world. He formed the group together with members Rollo Armstrong, Jamie Catto and Sister Bliss. As a Soka Gakkai Buddhist, Maxi’s strong beliefs are reflected in his work which covers a range of personal and social issues, including current affairs and social commentary, through vocals ranging from the upbeat to melancholic. Faithless have sold over 15 million records to date worldwide, and spent decades touring the globe. They have been credited with creating a whole new sonic landscape for dance music, being the first act to successfully mix dance, hip-hop, blues, folk and classical.

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Maxi Jazz (Faithless)
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