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Why Hire a DJ for Your Event

hire a DJ - Storm DJs - crowd

So you’re organising an event, and you’re considering the entertainment. The question ‘why hire a DJ for the event’ might pop up at some point.

Below we seek to answer that question for you briefly and succinctly.

Hiring a DJ will bring with it a number of advantages for you:

  1. DJs have always been the number one choice for party entertainment, and rightly so!
  2. They provide the music to entertain the audience. Their vast array of music usually mean they can provide a very diverse selection and help to cater for the audience at hand.
  3. Their knowledge and know-how in music usually means that the majority (if not all) the crowd should be happy and dancing.
  4. Pro DJs are for the most part able to mix tracks live and seamlessly, essentially able to remix and create new blends of music on the fly.
  5. The DJ will always present a talking point amongst the guests, due to their mixing techniques and of course their music selection.

However, as you can imagine, in certain situations a DJ may not be the best option. For example parties with no money (with the exception of charity events, it is unlikely that a DJ will play for free); or events/locations where loud noise is frowned upon. It is usually obvious where the use of a DJ might not work well, but complicated situations arise all the time.

It is worth pointing out that DJs should be viewed as hiring an artist to paint a musical picture for one and all to enjoy.

Overall and in most circumstances, a DJ is a fantastic addition to any party to both liven it up and to help sonically create the best atmosphere.

To find out more about choosing a DJ, and how to make it as easy as possible for you, please read our guide: how to book a DJ.

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