DJ with Live Musicians

Storm DJs are proud to be able to provide the following quality pro musicians who are all a great freestyle accompaniment to our DJs. The ‘DJ with Live Musicians’ concept is becoming increasingly popular and is loved by many of our clients.

Our full musician roster can be found below:

Steel Pan

Lindsay Goodhand

Energetic Star

lindsay goodhand sax storm djs

Harry Hector

Punchy Percussion

Harry Hector 03- Storm Djs - Agency

Yasmin Ogilvie

Clean Bandit Sax

Yasmin Ogilvie DJ Saxophonist 01


Melodic Wow

Enrika Uselyte Violinist02

Wade Austin

Steel Pantastic


Phil Meadows

Sax Perfection

Sam King

Musician & Teacher

sam king saxophonist - storm djs 2

Paul Dove

Military Man

Paul Dove 02 - Storm Djs - Agency

Juan Antonio

Exotic Sax

Anna Kirby

Hed Kandi Sax

anna kirby saxophone

Chris Sharp

Globetrotting Sax Star

Sarah Chandler

Smiley Saxoholic

Sarah Chandler 02 - Storm Djs - Agency

Ashley James

Endless Energy

Ashley James 02 - Storm Djs - Agency

Alex Chadwick

Supreme Skills

Alex Chadwick - saxophonist for DJs 2