Amongst our many powerful marketing services for all top DJs and musicians, we also offer professional website design.

Your immediate benefits

  • You get a fully-fledged centre stage for your own global profile, encompassing all of your current social/online/agency links.
  • You benefit from our niche music industry expertise rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • You get your own .com,, or any other preferred major domain for your site.*
  • You get an optimised¬†Google ranking for your chosen name which will always outperform Facebook.
  • You get your own professionally-designed DJ or artist logo to accompany your page.*


Aside from our main page for Storm DJs, our number 1 go-to example of an artist site we previously created, was for the boss Glu Sound. We are currently working on some other artist pages which we shall put up on show shortly.

Check Glu Sound’s site here.


Put quite simply, there are no limits to the types of site we can design and put together for you.

We have creativity in our blood! ūüôā We work with very talented graphic designers, and have managed the design of our own pages since the get-go.
  1. You place your order.
  2. You send us your media (high res photos etc); tell us your desired layout; and send us your wording.
  3. If you ordered hosting; domain name; and logo creation we will make sure that is all in order for you.
  4. We get to work and send you the result for you to review.
Turnaround can be anything from a few days to a week after we have received all of your media and instructions. This generally depends on the order backlog.
Because of the unfocussed nature of it. We provide solutions specifically created for DJs, Artists, and Musicians. This is where our knowledge and expertise lies.
Believe it or not, a website remains a lot more powerful than a profile on any of the social media platforms. It is your unique place, where you can group together all of your other links, and advertise yourself in a much stronger and bespoke way. Search engine optimisation is always going to work in your favour when you have your own site, and will generally drum up more business for you.
We install WordPress as the interface and backbone to every site that we create. It is incredibly easy to use, future-proof, and can be further customised very easily.
The domain names and hosting we provide last for 12 months, after which they must be renewed. At that point you can ask us to renew them or you can opt to renew them yourself.
Get in touch and we’ll see what we can do. It is sometimes easier to start from scratch.
Most probably yes. Just send us the link and we’ll let you know.

Your site options



  • Complete 1 page design
  • SEO optimisation



  • Multi-page design
  • SEO optimisation
  • Your own DJ/Artist Logo from DJ Logo Design
  • Your own .COM or other major domain
  • Web hosting