Christmas Party Ideas

The Christmas Party Season Is Here

Christmas Party ideas
The John Lewis advert is out, mince pies are flying off supermarket shelves and Mariah Carey is playing on the radio (or soon will be) – Christmas is coming! It must be time to start putting together those Christmas party ideas you’ve been noting down throughout the year.

The office Christmas party is the talking point of the year and little wonder: The marketing and finance departments have their hotly-anticipated dance-off in which secretary Tina manages to slip on a spilt Bacardi and break her ankle; Colin from IT embarrasses himself by making a pass at the intern twerking after one too many mulled wines; and the boss makes that cringeworthy speech about how you’re all one big happy family (though most of you are unlikely to exchange more than a cursory nod with him the other 364 days of the year).

Now, much as we all revel in the schadenfreude of these amusing anecdotes, ultimately as an employee you want and expect a decent Christmas do to wrap up a year at the grindstone. Your employer owes it to you; after all, you work hard enough the rest of the year! Whilst every Christmas party is as unique as the company, department or team involved, at the heart of them all is the music. Hirespace – specialists in venue hire – say it’s now common for employers to forgo food all together, so essentially the music is the party.

Ok, so your Christmas Party needs a DJ. But our friend Colin from IT claims he DJs and the boss suggested sticking on a Spotify playlist this year…No comment, but here’s why we think you should hire a professional!

Experience and Flexibility

Any professional DJ worth their salt will have at least 5 years’ experience playing a range of gigs and venues. These guys have performed at almost as many Christmas parties as they’ve had hot dinners: They know what it takes to get the party going and, most importantly, when to play the slow songs. Open format (multi-genre) DJs enable parties to flow in any direction by reading – and working synergistically with – the crowd. By hiring a professional, you can be sure to achieve a set crammed with contemporary chart music, a few golden oldies and a sprinkling of festive tunes, all expertly mixed ‘n’ mashed, to cater to today’s mixed-demographic, multicultural corporate crowd. Their flexibility and willingness to take requests will encourage even the least-willing participants onto the dance floor!


Quality, professional DJs and talented live musicians add a touch of class to the evening which can all too easily be lacking otherwise!  A live saxophonist or violinist, ad-libbing alongside the DJ, creates a unique and electric atmosphere that isn’t really achievable with Spotify playing through some bloke’s guitar amp. This is the work social event of the year, not a student house party! Employees want to feel valued and be treated to top quality entertainment, and hiring a professional DJ (with or without a live musician) and  top of the range mixing equipment, sound system and lighting, is a sure fire way of achieving that.

To show staff they’re valued

Recent studies of SMEs have shown that a Christmas party is important in creating a strong team dynamic and improving employee satisfaction and retention. Management should think of the occasion as a small “thank-you” for all the hard work staff put in throughout the year, and strive to give employees a party to remember (or struggle to!). A fab party, especially at this time of year, is also a great way to integrate new members of the team in a more relaxed environment and help them become part of the company culture.

Reliability and Hassle Free

When hiring a professional, there’s no need to worry about putting together a playlist and organising equipment; no risk that your speakers will decide to give up halfway through or that the internet going down will sabotage the Spotify soundtrack; no awkwardness or workplace bullying if Colin from I.T turns out to be horrifically bad at DJing; and no drama if Simon from Human Resources, who promised to drag his vinyl collection in on the tube, comes down with a nasty bout of flu. The booking procedure, particularly through a DJ agency, is quick and easy and packages are often all-inclusive (so hassle free). Your DJ will arrive early with all the equipment, set everything up and carry out sound testing ahead of time, then play all night – leaving you more time to hang the tinsel and get dressed up!

Bag a bargain

We have 3 exclusive Christmas party packages available here for last minute bookings over the festive season (booked on or before 18 December 2016).  All packages are all-inclusive with no hidden fees, and we do all the hard work of organising logistics, equipment and playlists for you.

With it becoming increasingly popular for companies to plan their Christmas parties for January or even February, it’s worth remembering too that prices are lower still at the start of the new year…

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