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Storm DJs is the number one DJ agency for UK and international hire. Let our elite DJs and Musicians provide the soundtrack for your bespoke corporate or private event. We use professional, well-known DJs, top-end mixing equipment, and high definition sound systems. We offer DJs as well as accompanying live saxophonists, violinists, and drummers each with a vast amount of musical experience,  to create the best atmosphere and feeling for any given event.

Whether a key sports brand needs a high-energy dramatic soundtrack for a high-profile product launch; whether a big fashion name needs an elegant, refined, and sexy sound to accompany a store opening; or whether a club simply needs a new and reliable resident DJ we step forward and create a bespoke solution.

We pride ourselves in our performance excellence and high service levels which make us very much stand out from the crowd, and we happily perform at every type of location: bars, clubs, events, gigs, parties, gatherings and shows.

All of our DJ agency DJs and artists have multiple years of professional experience gained from a multitude of events around the world and as such have a wealth of knowledge and musical expertise to successfully entertain at any quality event.

Our service pricing varies according to your requirements and will depend on the following key factors as per below.

(a) Equipment requirements (i.e. will any audio equipment be on site?)
(b) Location (i.e. if not in London, what travel is required?)
(c) Date(s) and length of event(s) (i.e. is it a last minute booking, is it on a busy day, and how many hours performance are required?)
(d) DJ profile (are you looking for a legendary, premium DJ, or one who is just well-experienced)?

Use our Free Quote page for an instant price now. Simply select what you need, and find out how much it will cost*

*Instant pricing does not apply to premium, celebrity or legendary DJs. Their pricing is unique and on-demand.

Our office addresses are below.

Astra House
Arklow Road
London SE14 6EB

15 The Avenue
Tunbridge Wells TN2 3FJ

Our FAQ can be found here