5 FAQs (Storm DJs)

5 Questions we’ve been getting A LOT recently

5 FAQs (Storm DJs)
We know every booking is unique, each client has a different idea of what makes a great party and that’s why we’re here to provide for every possible scenario. Whether you’re throwing a roller disco and need cheesy disco music or having your wedding reception in a country manor, we’ve got you covered. Every booking is different but the same questions come up time and time again.

Yes, we do have an FAQ page but we thought we’d quickly write about the five questions that seem to pop up for every query.

1. Should we use the in-house DJ at our event?
Your venue will most likely have a DJ to offer you as part of the package and maybe it works out a bit cheaper to use them but there are a couple of things to consider. When using Storm DJs you have the choice of 60+ DJs who all have a minimum of 5 years experience and can play open-format gigs, whereas the venue can only offer you one DJ. It’s like going to a restaurant and the chef telling you what to eat rather than giving you the menu.

The other thing to think about with venue DJs is that for them, this is just another gig and if it doesn’t go quite so well then it doesn’t matter because the venue will still have more events next week. DJs have egos and personally selecting them from an agency makes them feel special! These guys and gals rely on positive feedback to be put forward for future events so every gig for them gets their full attention and dedication.

2. What does a live musician bring to the party?
Live musicians are becoming increasingly popular alongside DJs. Over the summer we’ve had large number of outdoor events with saxophonists tooting away in the sunshine. The main benefit of having a saxophonist, violinist and/or percussionist (other than the fact that it looks super cool) is that they bring a real energy. It sounds very hippie and cringey but they add an atmosphere to the crowd that makes it almost impossible to dance to! There’s always been a cross-over between electronic music and classically trained musicians, remember when drum’n’bass pioneer Goldie was on that TV show training to be the conductor of an orchestra?!

Basically, live musicians make parties more fun and can essentially remix your favourite songs on-the-fly by improvising over the top. What’s cooler than that?

3. If live musicians are so good, why shouldn’t I just go for band instead of a DJ?
The answer to this is two-fold – firstly, DJs work out a lot cheaper. A four-piece band performing two 60 minute sets costs around £1,500, or for just £1,000 you could have a 5 hour DJ set plus accompanying saxophonist from Storm DJs.

Secondly, DJs have more music. Don’t get me wrong, having a good sing-along with a live band can be really fun but they have only have a limited number of songs. Remember these bands go from wedding to wedding playing the same set but the DJ will play a completely unique performance based on the guests. This leads on nicely to the next question we get ALL.THE.TIME.

4. Do your DJs take requests?

The answer to this is; “within reason”. We encourage our DJs to interact with the clients before the gig as much as possible (see next question for more info!) to ensure they create the right atmosphere for the event. Every client sends a playlist whether to their DJ who will then use this as a guideline throughout the night. Our DJs are chatty and approachable so will happily take requests BUT it’s important to acknowledge that they are experienced and know what songs work at what times. They aren’t just jukeboxes, they have feelings. That said, if the best-man asks for the “stag-do song” that they sung all the way round Prague then the DJ will be open to playing it.

5. Can I meet my DJ before our event?
As mentioned above, we encourage open communication between us, the client and the DJ to ensure everyone’s on the same page. We can organize phone calls, Skype chats or meet-ups and ask for a playlist of music you like. Many of our DJs play regular public gigs or residencies at bars and clubs around London, this is a great way to decide whether the DJ is right for you. Alternatively, we have a podcast series where you can get to know the DJ in depth, learn about their musical upbringing and listen to a dedicated mixtape.

Choosing the right DJ can be an important decision and we try to make it as easy as possible. Our team knows each DJ personally and understand who will be the right fit for you so feel free to get in touch with us on hello@storm-djs.com to begin planning your perfect party. For more FAQs, click here.

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